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The Music Producer
ABL created the opportunity to acquire the international licensing rights to a music production software program called Hip Hop Starz which ultimately led to the acquisition of the entire program that was later rebranded as The Music Producer.
White Horse Machinery
ABL provided sales and representation services for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. ABL assisted the sale of over $2M in second hand offset printing and packing equipment.


Alzheimers Diet Plan

Assisted the marketing strategy for the launch of The Alzheimer’s Diet Plan book, a step-by-step nutritional approach for memory loss, prevention and treatment written by Harvard trained Dr. Richard Isaacson and Dr. Christopher Ochner. Therapy for Memory is an additional program that we assisted the strategic planning of.


Trade Canada (Canadian Consulate) & Market Access International
ABL conducted market-entry strategy, research and sales leads in Florida for a telecommunications trade mission client specializing in outbound IVR surveys and polls from Prince Edward Island.


ProExport Colombia
In conjunction with a partner company, ABL provided the Colombian Government’s export promotion agency trade analysis and strategic alliance search services for US counterparts in four industry sectors including jewelry, furniture, leather & footwear. We used primary and secondary research to assess market feasibility, sales channels, best prospects and overall strategy.
We worked with the founder to fine-tune the company’s business development strategy and wrote the new US Hispanic television network’s business plan tailored for fundraising purposes.


IMP2, Inc.
ABL assisted with IMP2’s investor due diligence process. IMP2 is a digital media audio and media compression technology and services company that has developed a body of core ultra-efficient audio and video compression technologies for the Internet music and mobile video entertainment markets.
Teen Arrive Alive, Inc
Teen Arrive Alive helps to keeps teens safe with a GPS a decal program for their cars. This allows parents to receive immediate input and counsel their teens on safe driving habits and hopefully avoid tragic accidents. ABL devised several business development and growth strategies for the company.


US Telecom, Inc.
US Telecom, Inc. is a low cost, high quality integrated telecommunications service provider for the US Hispanic market. ABL revised a new business plan for investment purposes and developed new revenue generating strategies.
The Archivum Corporation, Inc.
Archivum is a media licensing company that produces and stores private recordings of high profile Notables. ABL developed their investor presentation and assisted with their fundraising efforts.


USA Broadband, Inc. (“USBU”)
USBU acquired the franchise cable rights to expand their cable network into Tijuana, Mexico. We updated the company’s business plan, prepared an investor oriented presentation and put together the application and strategy for a $10 mm finance package from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).
Kroll & Associates, Inc.
ABL assisted with the investigative research and recovery effort of a financial scandal involving a leading South American investment fund.


Entertainment Highway International, Inc.
ABL secured video and DVD distribution for an award-winning children’s movie starring Ben Kingsley called “Spooky House” that can now be found in Blockbuster and major rental stores throughout the US and Canada.
South American Coffee Company (confidential)
We conducted a market-entry feasibility study for US coffee market. We evaluated the opportunity to build a new company, partner with a company or acquire a company.


Subway Franchises International, Inc.
We assisted with their international franchise sales strategy for the Latin American markets. We prepared the applications and secured Export-Import Bank financing options for international franchisees importing equipment and products 51% manufactured in the US.
US Department of Commerce
Foreign Commercial Service –Conducted market research, planning and the execution of specific US Export Assistance Programs for private sector companies. Organized and managed government and private sector trade missions and business matchmakers. Responsible for logistics, customer satisfaction, quality control and overall mission results. Contracted to find distributors and representatives for US companies entering into or expanding in the Argentine market.


Inter-American Development Bank
Institute for the Integration of Latin America & the Caribbean (INTAL) – Provided research, business development, event planning and logistics. Conducted specialized research on the history of multinational economic integration and the US’s position on free trade. Initiated outreach program for Washington-based institutes, NGO’s and think tanks related to Latin America. Assisted the coordination of 14 international policy forums.
Planeta Publishing, Inc.
Planeta is the largest Spanish language publishing house and we assisted in finding international buyers for their overstock of premium gift items (china dolls, stuffed animals, etc.).


Far West Rodeo
We assisted with their business development and sponsorship strategy leading to their acquistion by Cowboy’s.
Billboardlive International, Inc.
Assisted with licensing sales and overall international business development initiatives. Organized a music and entertainment investor event and assisted with fundraising efforts.


EduActiva is a simulation software company that devleops and sells training applications to universities and corporations. ABL assisted with their business plan and business development strategy.
Montana World Trade Center
ABL represented the Montana Environmental Consortium in their efforts to research and secure opportunities with Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank projects in Argentina.


YCC International
ABL served as YCC’s representative in the Argentina market. We identified opportunities with the Inter-American Development Bank public works projects.
Junior Achievement Argentina
ABL assisted with business development and fundraising. We raised over $150,000 to translate program lessons into Spanish from companies including Credit Suisse First Boston, Cablevision, Pricewaterhousecoopers. Sun Microsystems funded the first “Caps punto com” simulated learning competition for student teams to compete selling baseball caps online.