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Creative Insight Journey

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The Creative Insight Journey is a unique transformational self-discovery and empowerment course that works on a very personal level!

Sometimes in life we get stuck.

Right? It happens to the best of us. And if you are committed to finding your true life’s purpose and taking an area of your life to the next level, this could be the course for you! Sometimes it only takes a very simple shift. This course is designed to help uncover whatever may be blocking you from reaching your fullest potential!

The Creative Insight Journey (CIJ) originally started at Stanford University with Dr. Michael Ray. He helped business students find a way to tap into their own creativity and intuition to create innovation. Over the years, Dr. Michael Ray has become known as the “Innovation Guru” of Silicon Valley.

You know those “Ahhh ha”, eureka, being in “the zone” serendepitous magical moments when things mysteriously fall into place in a way that you cannot explain? What would it be worth to you if you could access the tools to tap into this kind of energy nearly at will? What if you could fully discover and articulate your higher purpose in life?

If this resonates and you would like more information, continue reading … and we are now accepting applications for our next course!


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