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lime+green+puzzle+cij+5The Creative Insight Journey is a unique transformational self-discovery and empowerment course that originally started at Stanford University’s MBA program by Dr. Michael Ray. He helped business students find a way to tap into their own creative process and innovation; and over the years, Dr. Michael Ray has become known as the “Innovation Guru” of Silicon Valley and the Creative Insight Journey is considered the most life transformative course ever taught at Stanford. The Creative Insight Journey 8 session course is the perfect opportunity to invest in yourself and learn more about cultivating your best personal and professional potential.

Do you know what you are really PASSIONATE about? If you are committed to finding your true life’s purpose and taking an area of your life,  business or a project to the next level, this could be the course for you. Sometimes it only takes a very simple shift to get back on track or over that hump.  While this course works on a deep personal level, it can have a profound impact on ones business.

The Creative Insight Journey offers an interactive and experiential learning style curriculum and a proven state-of-the-art methodology in the art of success! Each session comprises a lecture, interactive exercises and a series of inquiries designed to assist the ‘self-coaching’ process.

If this resonates and you would like more information, continue reading … and we are now accepting applications for our next course!

Course Components

Session 1: Faith in Creativity

Session 2: Absence of Judgment

Session 3: Precise Observation/Mindfulness

Session 4: Penetrating Questions

Session 5: Vision & Purpose

Session 6: Time & Stress

Session 7: Relationships

Session 8: Balance, Self-Worth & Prosperity

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who is committed to causing a breakthrough! It could be in the area of business, relationships, health, fitness, finance, communication, spirituality or even recreation and fun.











Maybe you:

  • Are looking for more clarity?
  • Are at a crossroads?
  • Are exploring what’s next?
  • Are questioning your current relationship, work or marriage?
  • Are looking for ways to create more wealth?
  • Are considering a new business venture?
  • Are looking to expand your existing business?
  • Are wanting to transition into a new career?
  • Are dealing with challenging people in your life?
  • Are wondering how you will meet your life partner or soulmate?
  • Are trying to understand why things are not going as well or as quickly as you would like?
  • Are trying to determine your true authentic purpose in life?
  • Are dealing with a health challenge?
  • Are looking for an extra set of tools to give you a slight edge?
  • Are thinking about the next 5, 10 or 20 years of your life?
  • Are looking to create the life of your dreams?

Typical participants include:

  • Anyone who wants a jump-start
  • Wants to learn to operate on a higher level
  • Entrepreneurs and inventors
  • Business owners
  • Artists
  • Writers
  • People in transition
  • Students looking for skills to give them a slight edge

What can you expect to get out of the course?16082919_m+copy

  • Ability to awaken your true creative passions and authentic purpose in life
  • Develop effective and more creative problem-solving abilities
  • Increase self-confidence and cultivate your intuition
  • Learn the basic principles of Quantum Physics and Laws of Attraction
  • Create a new relationship with time … one that eliminates stress
  • Develop powerful listening and communication skills
  • Cultivate profound new energy to your troubling relationships
  • Bring newfound peace and balance to your life overall
  • Learn to deal powerfully with the challenges of everyday life in a profound new way
  • Master the “Hero’s Journey” and how to shift when stuck!
  • Powerful focus and renewed clarity

Participants have experienced life-changing transformational results.

Speakers and supporters of the Creative Insight Journey

(formerly called Personal Creativity in Business at Stanford University in San Francisco)

  • Steve Jobs, co-founder, Apple Computer
  • Jim Collins, author of Good to Great
  • Charles Schwab, founder & CEO, Charles Schwab & Co.
  • Ken Oshman, co-founder & CEO, IBM Corp
  • Michael Gould – founder & president, The Learning Tree Open University
  • Krista Brunson – producer, The Today Show on NBC
  • Philip Knight – founder & CEO, Nike, Inc.

“I would not be where I am today, with the wonderful life I’ve been given, without that course. And I am not alone in this experience. Not a year goes by when I do not run into other graduates who feel just as I do, grateful that they had the course early in their lives. We did not know it at the time, but the experience would be the first step in a lifelong journey toward the topic of this book (The Highest Goal by Dr. Michael Ray): finding and pursuing with course and perseverance one’s highest goal.”
~ Jim Collins, author of Good to Great

Whitney Vauvelle, a certified instructor of the Creative Insight Journey program, specializes in personal development and small business coaching. She previously taught Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management at Miami International University and after producing 26 episodes, she is the recipient of the UN Association’s Innovative Use of Technology Award for her TV show, Miami’s Global Connections, that aired on PBS as well as Cable-Tap throughout South Florida.

Whitney is the founder of an innovative music software and marketing company and she started her first company, Americas Business Link, a boutique business development consulting practice while in Argentina where she served as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.

As a Foreign Commercial Service contractor with the US Embassy in Argentina, Whitney advised a variety of US businesses on their expansion into the Latin American markets. After working in the press department for the presidential campaign, as a White House intern, she helped launch the Foreign Correspondence Department of the Clinton White House.

Creative Insight Journey

2 (1)

Learn about …

  • Healthy Body. Mind. And Soul.
  • There is nothing more powerful than a focused mind.

CIJ is kind of like taking your brain to the ‘brain gym’


CIJ is inspirational, spiritual, practical and life-changing! In the past 8 weeks, my whole life has shifted. I am clear about who I am, I ended an unhealthy romantic relationship and an unhealthy relationship with myself. I am now going after the things in life I really want and exiting the things I thought I wanted or that were easy for me to get. I’ve just been selected for the biggest audition of my life!
Whitney has found her calling and is awesome. She shares many personal examples how CIJ has been an access for her own healing (failed back surgery) and it is clear that she will continue to transform many lives.
Her unique story and assimilation of concepts is special. No two people have the same problems but can relate to struggles. Whitney is very motivational. I found the renewed determination and strength to have the tough conversations with loved ones that I had been avoiding … and I got back to work and started a completely new career.
As a life coach myself, I took this course to learn new techniques. This course is different because it ties in spirituality and meditation in a beautiful new way which is something that was missing for me in the past. CIJ gives you the tools to support you as you create the life of your dreams!

What Makes the Creative Insight Journey Course Different?

Perhaps you have participated in other personal development courses, read books on transformation and maybe even watched a few movies. CIJ incorporates 60 different experiential learning exercises and tools over the course of 8 weeks. Some will speak to you more than others and it is up to you to find the ones that work best for you! The combination of the CIJ tools, working in a group dynamic and having peer coaching and accountability partners each week, is what creates the space for the real magic to happen!

Personal one-on-one Creative Insight Journey’s as well as business or individual coaching packages are available upon request. If you are interested in bringing CIJ or one of our workshops to your business, please contact us directly.

Online Class 

The cost is $850

If budget is a challenge, send in a request as a partial scholarship credit or special discount may be available. We sometimes have promotional discounts available so be sure to ask.

February 26th – April 16th, 2018

Monday’s 7:00PM – 9:00PM  EST

Interactive online webinar course


Apply for the course here. Space is limited!

Upon request the following are available:

-Individual Creative Insight Journey

-Coaching packages

-Corporate workshops and classes (Breakthrough Results, Mindfulness, Digital Detox, Find Your InnerPreneur, Get Unstuck, etc.)

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